Rules Blending & Caution

Rules of blending

The following essential oils can be 100% topical use: Lavender, Tea tree, German chamomile, Roman chamomile. Note: Other essential oils seek for opinion from  professional aromatherapist.

Skincare: 0.5% to 2.5% (citrus and irritating essential oil can only use the lowest limit)

Body Care: 1% to 5% 

Partial or EMERGENCY: 5% to 10% (even 100% pure, must seek for opinion from  professional aromatherapist)

Pregnant women: the volume is half of the adult (through professional aromatherapist is recommended as the safest Code)

Children: ● 0 - 3 months: 0.1% ● 3 months --1 years: 0.3% ● 1 year old --3 years: 1% ● 3 years --10 years: 2% ● 10 years and above as adult.

Pets: Reference 1--3 children aged


Caution of Essential Oil

It must be diluted before use, do not contact with eyes, do not apply the essential oil on the large amount of injured portion, Photosensitivity essential oil cannot apply under the sun light. keep out of children.