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Effect on Skin: By removing toxic congestion, could help cases of dermatitis, ringworm, scabies and pruritus. Due to capillary constriction, it is cooling in action and can relieve itching, inflammation and sunburn. Also softens skin, helps to remove blackheads and is effective on greasy skin and hair.

Mind: Its cooling nature seems to relieve states of anger, hysteria and nervous trembling. Excellent for mental fatique and depression.


Effect on Skin: Helpful for sagging skin as Rosemary is a

strong astringent – toning and binding – and may ease

congestion, puness and swelling as well. Its stimulating

action has been found too benet scalp disorders and

could alleviate dandru and encourage hair growth.

Mind: It is very invigorating and strengthens the mind

when there is weekness and exhaustion.