Essential Oil Application

Can’t wait to use essential oils ? used essential oil in everyday, allowing the physical and mental health to be improve the quality of life.

● Aromatherapy
The aroma of essential oils can be diffuse out through the nose, sniffing the fragrance molecules into the body by aromatherapy diffuser. The most common is drop essential oil in the water of ultrasonic diffuser, or dropped oils to the candles or the lamp as a heat source, heating water to help oil diffusion.

● Massage
Essential oil mix with Massage oil can be easily absorbed through the skin , because the massage itself has many benefits, using essential oil diluted with vegetable oil, then applied to the body will get extra benefit by pushing, pressing, kneading, the muscles will be relax and body will be relieve stress.

● Bath
There are two kinds of Oil bath methods, due to the essential oils do not dissolve in water, so it is best to reconcile with vegetable oil and applied to the body before having bath, the oil will be absorb through the skin, and the hot water will improve your body blood circulation. Another way is to direct drops essential oil in the tub, but you must use the essential oils which does not irritate your skin.

● Hand, Foot
Hand and foot baths are roughly the same, apply the massage oil on your hand or foot, or drop the essential oil into the wood tank.

● Steam inhalation
Absorbed by the respiratory tract, such as cough, sputum, etc., prepare a cup or a pot of hot water, after oil dropped close to smell the smoke steam can relieve discomfort caused by respiratory! But beware that asthma patients to avoid strong steam inhalation, avoid shortness of breath.

● Apply
Apply mainly absorbed through the skin, the skin will directly absorb oil; under normal circumstances the use of diluted massage oil on if there is an emergency or you can use pure essential oils, about 1-2 drops applied directly where needed, such as small parts. scald can be coated with 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil, 1 drop of peppermint essential oil on the neck, etc. In addition, the more common way is dilute essential oil with vegetable oil, fragrance-free lotion diluted, applied where necessary, such as face, stomach, feet and so on.

● Ccold
Use essential oils in cold, can let the injured muscles or bones get soothing, such as sprains, bruises when needed cold compress to reduce the inflammation of the affected area. Prepare a cold or ice water, dropped essential oil in the cold water, soaked the towel, then gently twist the towel and wrap it in the injured area, it can relieve discomfort.

● Hot
With hot method accelerating essential oils absorb into the skin and blood, so that pain and stiffness of muscles will get relieve same as the cold method, only the water is replace by hot water.

● Mouth wash
Mouth wash mainly by contact with oil in the mouth, clean mouth, adding 2-3 drops of essential oil in the water, in accordance with the general method of mouth wash.

● Spray
Spraying is mainly used in the environment, you can clean air, eliminate odors, but also absorb the aroma through the inhalation of essential oils, we must first prepare the spray bottle, add some water and a few drops of essential oil , if you want essential oil dilute into the water, add a little alcohol is better.

● Made into skin care products
Essential oil mix into skin care products, can be directly absorbed by the skin oils, it will get another remarkable effect. Made skin care products is very simple, buy fragrance-free cream or lotion, plus a drop of essential oil in accordance with general usage, you also can dilute with carrier oils for facial and skin.

● Clean indoor air
Essential oil for air purification effect is excellent, not only can eliminate the odor, but also killing bacteria as well as mosquitoes repellent.